Technology Behind the T2Candida Panel

T2Candida Panel powered by T2 Magnetic Resonance (T2MR)

The T2Candida Panel and the T2Dx Instrument are powered by T2 Biosystems’ proprietary T2 Magnetic Resonance (T2MR) technology platform. T2MR combines proven magnetic resonance with innovative nanotechnology to accurately identify Candida pathogens in whole blood faster and easier than blood culture-based diagnostics.1

How does it work? 

T2MR technology works by measuring how water molecules react in the presence of magnetic fields, utilizing the same magnetic resonance-based approach found in MRI, but on a miniaturized scale. 

The T2Candida Panel and T2Dx Instrument introduce superparamagnetic particles to the whole blood sample. These particles are coated with one or more binding agents specific to particular Candida pathogens. When a Candida pathogen is present in the measured blood sample, these particles bind and cluster, disrupting the microscopic magnetic fields experienced by the surrounding water molecules. This in turn alters the magnetic resonance signal, indicating the Candida pathogen’s presence in the sample. The T2Candida Panel and T2Dx Instrument detect the five clinically–relevant species of Candida.

The T2MR difference

Unlike detection systems that rely on blood culture or traditional polymerase chain reaction (PCR) methods, T2MR measures the properties of the sample's entire water population. This eliminates the need for time and labor-intensive target purification or further extraction of target molecules from the sample, which enables T2MR’s low limits of detection – as low as 1 CFU/mL. 

T2MR technology also enables the impressive speed, sensitivity and specificity results demonstrated in the T2Candida Panel direcT2 pivotal clinical trial. Additionally, the T2Dx Instrument includes a process for ensuring that only intact whole cells are detected, eliminating the risk of “DNA-emia” which has been a problem for traditional PCR-based diagnostic technologies.

Fully-automated performance

Although the T2MR technology is cutting-edge, running the T2Candida Panel on the T2Dx Instrument requires minimal effort and training. The T2Candida Panel eliminates extensive sample preparation and the T2Dx Instrument incorporates a simple user interface which guides the lab through the simple steps of loading a sample. Once loaded, the fully-automated T2Dx Instrument provides a species-specific result in an average of 4.3 hours. This enables easy integration into the lab’s current workflow.


1. Clancy, C. J., & Nguyen, M. H. (2013). Finding the missing 50% of invasive candidiasis: how nonculture diagnostics will improve understanding of disease spectrum and transform patient care. Clinical infectious diseases, 56(9), 1284-1292.