Who to Test

Typical T2Candida Panel testing population

In order to maximize the benefit of the T2Candida Panel, it is important to identify the optimal patients to test. Typically, symptomatic high-risk patients will be the primary population for testing. Common high-risk patient populations include those listed below. These patients would be symptomatic, immunocompromised and/or have conditions that require care in the ICU. 


  • Cancer / Chemotherapy
  • BMT / HSCT, Liquid Transplant
  • Solid Organ Transplant

Critical Care

  • MICU
  • SICU
  • General ICU

T2Candida direcT2 pivotal trial 

The annual number of high-risk admissions within a single 500-bed hospital is approximately 5,000 patients1. Here is the breakdown between immunocompromised and critical care patients in the T2Candida Panel pivotal trial:

T2Candida Pivotal Trial Demographics
Medical History  Number of Patients
Immunocompromised     720 (48%)
   Cancer    379 (52.6%)
   Transplant    302 (40.9%)
       BMT/HSCT        130 (43.0%)
       Solid Organ        171 (56.7%)
   Other    398
Critical Care & Related Conditions  781 (52.0%)

NOTE: Immunocompromised patient percentages do not add up to 100% due to patients having multiple conditions.

1. Bilir, S. P., Ferrufino, C. P., Pfaller, M. A., & Munakata, J. (2015). The economic impact of rapid Candida species identification by T2Candida among high-risk patients. Future Microbiology, (10)7, 113-1144.