Our Company

Mission to save lives, improve healthcare and empower clinicians with faster diagnostic tools

At T2 Biosystems, our mission is to save lives and improve healthcare by empowering clinicians to get patients on the right therapy faster than ever. We invented game-changing detection technology, T2 Magnetic Resonance (T2MR®), and we come to work every day to solve critical needs in healthcare diagnostics.

In a fight to eradicate sepsis deaths

Sepsis claims more lives annually than breast cancer, prostate cancer and AIDS combined. We’re focused on eradicating death due to sepsis by identifying the most common deadly sepsis-causing pathogens faster than ever before. Speed is critical in sepsis management: the faster patients receive effective treatment, the more likely they are to survive and have better outcomes. Even better, patients who receive early targeted therapy for a bloodstream infection may prevent the progression to sepsis altogether. 

Our blood tests at T2 Biosystems provide actionable results in 3 to 5 hours, while the current standard of care, culturing blood, can take from 1 to 5 or more days to identify sepsis-causing infections. Today, T2Direct Diagnostics™ are getting patients on the right therapy faster, and as hospitals come to understand that impact and recognize what is made possible by detecting infections quickly, we are uniquely positioned to strike a huge blow to sepsis and the hundreds of thousands of lives it takes each year.

The T2Dx® Instrument, T2Bacteria® Panel and T2Candida® Panel are the first and only FDA-cleared blood tests that identify sepsis-causing pathogens without the wait for blood culture. As hospitals continue to adopt our technology in significant numbers, we believe that it will represent a shift that can potentially result in thousands of patients going home to their families instead of the tragic, and avoidable, alternative.

We also have a strong pipeline of products for sepsis management, including bacterial resistance panels, as well as testing for the superbug Candida auris and a Lyme disease panel.

Fun fact!

T2 refers to the measurement of the reaction of water molecules in the presence of magnetic fields. This is what T2MR technology measures and is the source of the T2 Biosystems name.

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