T2Direct Diagnostics™

Speed is critical in sepsis management: the faster patients receive targeted treatment, the more likely they are to survive. Early detection and identification of clinically important organisms provides an opportunity for earlier targeted therapy to achieve better outcomes.

T2Direct Diagnostics™ provide rapid species identification for many of the most common and deadly sepsis-causing pathogens within hours of blood draw – without having to wait 1 to 5 or more days for blood culture results. Earlier targeted therapy for these pathogens may prevent a bloodstream infection from progressing to sepsis. Our diagnostic tests are getting patients on the right therapy faster, and as hospitals come to understand the impact of rapid results and recognize what is made possible by detecting infections quickly. T2 Biosystems are uniquely positioned to strike a major blow to sepsis and the hundreds of thousands of lives it takes each year.

T2Direct Diagnostics vs. Blood Culture: Speed & Accuracy


T2Direct Diagnostics utilize proprietary T2 Magnetic Resonance (T2MR®) technology to enable faster and more accurate identification for pathogens that cause sepsis. At the system’s core is the innovative FDA-cleared T2Dx® Instrument, which enables running the FDA-cleared T2Bacteria® Panel and T2Candida® Panel diagnostic tests direct from whole blood. As hospitals adopt our technology in significant numbers, we believe that it will represent a shift that can potentially result in thousands of patients going home to their families instead of the tragic, and avoidable, alternative.

“I believe the T2Direct Diagnostics is the ‘holy grail’ of bloodstream infection diagnostics. No other product can give me virtually hands-free, automated pathogen detection and identification directly from a whole blood sample. With the T2MR platform, I expect my laboratory will get accurate, actionable results to clinicians faster, so patients get on the right treatment earlier, when it matters most.”


Glen T. Hansen, PhD, Director of Clinical Microbiology and Molecular Diagnostics, Hennepin County Medical Center


How Your Hospital May Benefit from T2Direct Diagnostics:

Faster targeted therapy

• Results in 3 to 5 hours

• Test at first suspicion of sepsis for biggest impact

Improve patient outcomes

• Potentially reduced mortality and morbidity

• Reduced length of stay, including ICU days

• More rapid treatment for patients in the ED

Improve stewardship

• More effective use of antimicrobials

• Rapid adjustment and de-escalation of therapy

• Better management of drug costs

Reduce the cost of sepsis management

• Cost reductions due to early discharge

• Reduced antimicrobial expenditures

• Reimbursement for discharged ED patients


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* Average time to result.
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