T2Candida Panel

Faster targeted therapy and reduced costs

The T2Candida® Panel is the first and only FDA-cleared fungal pathogen detection panel that is performed direct from blood without the wait for blood culture. The T2Candida Panel delivers faster and more accurate results in 3 to 5 hours directly from whole blood.1 All other FDA-cleared Candida species identification blood tests rely on blood culture, which misses up to half of infections and requires 2 to 5 or more days for species identification or a negative result.2

Proven Hospital Impact

Today, hospitals like the Henry Ford Health System in Michigan and the Lee Health System in Florida have implemented the use of T2Candida Panel. Both hospitals are getting patients on the right therapy faster, improving patient outcomes, enhancing microbial stewardship, and reducing the cost of sepsis management.

Detection of significantly more true infections

T2Candida is an important advance in the diagnosis of candidemia. The panel is the first commercial application of T2MR technology in a diagnostic assay, and it ushers in a new era in which rapid molecular testing for invasive candidiasis will serve as an adjunct to microbiologic cultures.”

Clancy et al., 2018 Clinical Infectious Diseases4



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