T2Plex for Research

The T2Plex™ Instrument is the first system to rapidly analyze whole blood and other samples to measure novel and established hemostasis targets at low sample volumes. The ease of developing and performing assays on the T2Plex Instrument enables comprehensive research studies in drug development (pre-clinical discovery/lead identification, ADME, pharmacology, and biomarker discovery), basic research, and serial animal testing. 

The T2Plex Instrument delivers:

  • Results in as few as 2 minutes
  • Two channels, random access
  • Sample volume as low as 20µl
  • Completely open system
  • Robust data management

 T2Plex Solution

  • T2Plex enables using sample volumes as low as 20µl
  • Clotting time highly correlated (R2≥ 0.95) with standard lab measurements
  • Fibrinogen measurements directly from whole blood and remains reliable at different hematocrit levels
  • Fibrinogen highly correlated (R2≥ 0.95) with standard lab measurements and is NOT confounded by platelet count or “upstream” changes in the clotting factors
  • Platelet activity metric measures platelet effectiveness and is potentially more sensitive than existing methods at low platelet count
  • Platelet agonist tests accurately mirror the inhibition caused by various platelet inhibitors
  • The system is completely open to researcher-designed tests
  • One novel biomarker already identified: Platelet Mediated Tight Clot (PMTC)

One Device/Many Tests

  • Clotting Time
  • Clot Strength/Contraction
  • Fibrinogen Function
  • Lysis
  • Platelet Activity Measurements
  • Novel Oral Anticoagulants
  • Custom Tests
  • Novel Biomarkers
For research use only.