T2Plex Correlation to Gold Standards

Over 20,000 tests run to generate robust data generated by third-party experts.

T2Plex Solution

Sample Volume/Type

  • Sample volume as low as 20µl
  • Preserved or fresh whole blood and plasma

Animal Testing

  • Low sample volume (20µl) enables serial measurements on small animals

Novel Biomarker Identification

  • Example: Identification of the polyhedracyte signal which identifies the morphologic change in the erythrocyte due to stresses applied to it in clot contraction


  • Minimal sample preparation
  • Results in 2 to 30 minutes


  • Reproducibility and precision enhanced by a solid state detector
  • Computer-guided operation
  • Internal emperature control
  • Onboard QC monitors all major functions

Novel Oral Anti-Coagulants (NOACS)

  • Ability to detect NOACS to develop new assays for monitoring in ways currently unavailable


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