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White Paper: T2Bacteria® Panel Demonstrates Substantial Clinical Impact in Independent, Real World Implementations

Rapid, direct-from-whole-blood diagnostics that enable improvements in clinical decisions and patient outcomes, while supporting antimicrobial stewardship.

Rapid, direct from whole blood diagnostics are a crucial tool in helping to improve the outcome of patients suffering from bloodstream infections and sepsis, by providing results that help to get them on effective therapy earlier.

Unfortunately, the current standard of care diagnostic methods requires a positive blood culture to provide species identification results and enable appropriate species-directed therapy.

Read our latest white paper that discusses how their technology can enable improvements in clinical decisions and patient outcomes while supporting antimicrobial stewardship. This white paper also discusses findings from the pivotal study on their T2Bacteria Panel, which shows that species identification results were available with T2Bacteria more than 60 hours faster than with blood culture-based methods.

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Sensitivity: 90%7
Specificity: 98%7

E. faecium
S. aureus
K. pneumoniae
A. baumannii
P. aeruginosa
E. coli