Integrated Symposium ECCMID 2022

Rapid Culture-Independent Diagnostics Charting a New Course for Sepsis Management and Antimicrobial Stewardship

Speakers: Dr. Thomas Walsh and Dr. Tamara Seitz
Chairs: Dr. Sarah Delliere and Dr. Aparna Ahuja

Culture-independent diagnostics are charting a new, albeit much-needed course in managing patients impacted by sepsis by aiding in the early identification of pathogens and resistance genes to improve patient outcomes and strengthen existing stewardship programs. The clinical impact of novel culture-independent diagnostics on patients impacted by COVID-19, sepsis, and resistant bacterial pathogens will be discussed to understand and evolve beyond the existing gold-standard diagnostic methods that remain limited by their sensitivity and extended time to identification.

According to the CDC, of the 154 million prescriptions for antibiotics written in doctors’ offices and emergency departments each year, 30% are unnecessary.12


Over 200 studies published in peer-reviewed journals have featured T2MR in a breadth of applications.