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World Microbe Forum: Industry & Science Symposium

Culture Independent Rapid Diagnostics Impact on Sepsis Management

Speakers: Dr. James Snyder, Chief of Microbiology, University of Louisville Hospital, Louisville, KY, and Dr. Todd McCarty, ID Fellowship Program Director, University of Alabama School of Medicine, Birmingham, AL.

Non-culture-based tests (NCTs) provide faster and more accurate results than the current standard of care that relies upon culture-based testing. T2 Biosystems Panels provide results directly from a whole blood sample, often before the second dose of antibiotics is delivered. In this presentation, Dr. James Snyder discusses best practices for the implementation of T2Candida® and T2Bacteria® Panels from first-hand experience at the University of Louisville Hospital. Viewers will also gain insight on the utilization of T2Candida and its impact on clinical outcomes from Dr. Todd McCarty’s experience at the University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Medicine.


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