Clinical Performance of the T2Candida Panel

Cornelius J. Clancy, M.D, University of Pittsburgh, presents on the strong clinical performance of the T2Candida Panel

The T2Candida Panel detects infections missed by blood culture and demonstrates consistently strong performance.

As reported by Cornelius J. Clancy, M.D., Associate Professor of Medicine, Director, Mycology Program, University of Pittsburgh.

  • T2Candida Panel identified 37 cases of Candida infections missed by companion blood cultures for patients receiving antifungal therapy in a multi-center DIRECT2 study.
  • Findings suggest that T2Candida is more sensitive than blood culture, especially in the presence of antifungal treatment, and a more effective diagnostic tool for patients treated with pre-emptive or empiric antifungal therapy.
  • Accumulating data for T2Candida’s performance in clinical practice demonstrates a sensitivity at about 90% and specificity ranging from 98% to 99%.