T2Bacteria Panel

Species identification in hours instead of days, including deadly ESKAPE pathogens

The T2Bacteria® Panel is the first and only FDA-cleared test to identify sepsis-causing bacteria directly from whole blood without the wait for blood culture.

T2Bacteria identifies:

  • 50% of all bacterial bloodstream infections1
  • 70% of all blood culture species in the emergency department2
  • 90% of deadly ESKAPE pathogens3

Species identification in just hours: The commercially available T2Bacteria Panel provides species identification in 3 to 5 hours while the current standard of care takes 1 to 5 days or more.1 One T2Bacteria test result detects the equivalent of three sets of blood cultures for many species.2

Improved time to targeted therapy: By incorporating the Panel as part of the sepsis bundle, physicians can get more patients on the right therapy faster, thus improving empiric therapy protocols, potentially preventing the progression of sepsis, while increasing the chances of both patient survival and recovery. 

Game-changing performance: In the T2Bacteria pivotal clinical trial1 conducted in 11 U.S. centers with 1,427 patients, investigators demonstrated:

  • Highly accurate results – identifying 3 times more infections than the paired blood culture draw 
  • Positive and negative results more than 2 days faster than blood culture
  • Opportunities to de-escalate therapy and improve time to targeted therapy by days
  • No detection interference when patients are on antibiotic therapy, a well-known limitation of blood culture

Improved stewardship: The Panel can detect all of the organisms identified by blood culture and provide significant de-escalation opportunities due to a negative S. aureus or negative P. aeruginosa result. Read Lee Health System’s experience with T2Bacteria.

Improved empiric therapy in the emergency department: Rapid diagnostics can significantly alter the early selection of appropriate therapy in patients with sepsis. Watch the 2018 video interview with two-time sepsis survivor Mary Millard, as she talks about her journey and how the T2Bacteria Panel test could have helped improve her outcome.

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1. T2Bacteria pivotal clinical study, 2018. Manuscript under review. 
2. Voigt C, et al. Manuscript in preparation, 2018
3. Karlowsky, JA, et al. Annals of Clinical Microbiology and Antimicrobials, 2004
* A combination of samples was run in both the prospective and contrived arms of the study. T2Bacteria showed an overall average sensitivity of 90% in the prospective arm of the study, with an overall average PPA of 97% in the contrived arm of the study.