Our Mission

At T2 Biosystems, we are united in our mission: to improve patient outcomes, lower mortality rates, and reduce the cost of healthcare by helping medical professionals make targeted treatment decisions earlier. By leveraging the power of our innovative and proprietary T2 Magnetic Resonance (T2MR) platform, T2 Biosystems’ diagnostics are designed to provide faster, easier and more accurate results than traditional methodologies.

T2 Biosystems is currently targeting a range of critically underserved healthcare conditions, focusing initially on those for which a rapid diagnosis will serve an important dual role – saving lives and reducing costs. 

Our T2Candida Panel tackles sepsis and is the first FDA-cleared diagnostic panel requiring no blood culture – delivering more accurate results in hours versus days.

Over 100 studies published in peer-reviewed journals have featured T2MR technology in a breadth of applications, including the direct detection and measurement of targets in various sample types, such as whole blood, plasma, serum, saliva, sputum, and urine. With limits of detection as low as 1 CFU/mL, we believe T2MR technology will drive the next generation of diagnostics.