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Why Work For T2

At T2 Biosystems, when we say we’re going to solve a problem, we will find a way to solve that challenge. We may have setbacks, but we don’t stop until we solve them. When we hit a wall, we take out our picks and shovels and take down the wall.

With our drive to overcome difficult medical challenges, we invented game-changing technology: T2 Magnetic Resonance (T2MR®), which combines advances in magnetic resonance technology and nanotechnology. And we believe we have an obligation to use this technology to solve the world’s most serious health problems. We want to make the biggest impact we can—as individuals, as a team, and as partners to our hospital customers.

At T2, we know that by succeeding as a team, we will save lives.

We know that if we can solve the problems that others have not, we will save lives and help people and their families on a massive scale.

T2 Biosystem’s Team Orange is driven, humble, and inspired by the dedication of our colleagues and by the T2 mission to save lives and improve patient care.

Do you want to see the impact that your work is making in patients’ lives?

Do you want to push the power of game-changing technology to improve patient care in ways that are impossible with current diagnostic tests?

Complete the information below to learn more about joining Team Orange at T2 Biosystems. You can also learn more about our technology, culture, and comprehensive benefits and compensation program.


T2 Biosystems
101 Hartwell Avenue
Lexington, MA 02421
Phone: 781-457-1200
Fax: 781-357-3080