ECCMID 2021 Posters

Performance of T2 Magnetic Resonance (T2MR) for the Diagnosis of Bloodstream Infections (BSI) in Paediatric Patients

Abstract Presentation, ECCMID 2021 | Agosta, M., Lucignano, B., Cento, V., et al.

Preliminary Evaluation of T2Candida Panel for the Diagnosis of Invasive Candidiasis in Critically Ill Patients

Poster Presentation, ECCMID 2021 | François, N., Leroy, J., Cornu, M., et al.

T2Bacteria Panel: Clinical Impact and Comparison with Blood Culture and Multiplex Real-time PCR

Poster Presentation, ECCMID 2021 | Paggi, R., Belati, A., De Socio, G., et al.

Prospective Study of the T2Resistance System for Detection of Resistance Genes in Bacterial Bloodstream Infections

Poster Presentation, ECCMID 2021 | Walsh, T., Mencacci, A., Paggi, R., et al.


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