Product Pipeline

Innovative T2MR®applications currently in development

T2 Biosystems has multiple diagnostic applications in development, all designed to enable further breakthroughs in rapid and accurate therapy for patients. The diagnostics are focused on critical, unmet needs in healthcare, where solutions can serve a dual role of improving patient care while reducing costs.

T2Resistance™ Panel: T2 Biosystems has partnered with Allergan and CARB-X to develop panels with additional bacterial species and resistance markers. The T2Resistance Panel detects gram-negative and gram-positive resistance markers and is expected to be available for research use only (RUO) in the U.S. and CE marked by the end of 2019.

T2Lyme™ Panel: T2 Biosystems and Canon U.S. Life Sciences have partnered to develop a panel to diagnose Lyme disease with greater accuracy. T2 Biosystems is currently enrolling patients in an FDA clinical trial for the T2Lyme Panel to evaluate the clinical performance of T2Lyme compared to skin biopsy and/or detection of the C6 antigen. The clinical trial will continue in 2019.*

T2Candida auris Panel RUO: Direct detection of the emerging superbug Candida auris in patient skin and blood samples and hospital environmental samples are now available for research use only (RUO) assays. The CDC** validated the T2Candida auris Panel RUO swab test on patient skin samples and published their 2017 findings in Mycoses.1


1. Sexton DJ, et al. Mycoses, 2018
*In September 2018, preclinical data suggests that the T2Lyme Panel provides greater accuracy than other diagnostics for identifying Borrelia infections for patients suspected of having early-stage Lyme disease. Data presented at a conference hosted by the CDC, NIH, and NEHA demonstrated the T2Lyme Panel successfully detects early Lyme disease in whole blood samples. It indicates that T2Lyme has greater sensitivity than the currently recommended two-tier screening; T2Lyme can identify the presence of spirochetes prior to the formation of detectable antibodies without additional sample processing.
**The 2017 CDC findings identified the T2Candida auris Panel RUO as a rapid diagnostic that demonstrated significant time advantages (<5 hours) compared to culture methods that take 14 days. Additional data from a collaboration with a European hospital was presented by T2 Biosystems in a poster on the T2Candida auris Panel at IDWeek 2017.