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Gemelli Hospital, Italy

Prof. Maurizio Sanguinetti, MD of Gemelli Hospital, Italy presented at the GREAT conference how T2Bacteria can help critical care and emergency medicine clinicians to:

  • Rapidly diagnose and treat some of the most common and deadly pathogenic organisms.
  • Demonstrate how rapid diagnostics can be a “game changer” in the microbiology lab.

The delay of microbial culture results often make them unhelpful for the clinician, but T2Bacteria achieves the “need for speed” in the clinical setting. Prof. Sanguinetti presented Gemelli Hospital’s T2Bacteria data published in the Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy demonstrating:

  • Positive results more than 4.5 times faster than blood culture
  • Negative results more than 20 times faster than blood culture
  • 66.7% of the clinically infected patients missed by blood culture were correctly identified by T2Bacteria and these patients were being inappropriately treated at the time of the T2Bacteria result.


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