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Henry Ford Health System

Located in Detroit, Michigan, Henry Ford Health System is an over 2,300-bed, not-for-profit hospital system.

Why T2?

“This technology has shown it can expedite the detection of candidemia. As a result, patients receive more prompt and appropriate antifungal therapy.” – Rachel Kenney, PharmD, Henry Ford study co-author

Faster Targeted Therapy

The median time to appropriate antifungal therapy was reduced from 39 hours to 22 hours (P=0.003). Patients tested with the T2Candida were appropriately treated in a median of 5 hours, compared to 44 hours with blood culture1

Reduced Length of Stay

Henry Ford reported a reduced median ICU length of stay by 7 days and an overall 4 day reduction1

Improved Patient Outcomes

Reduction in occurrence of ocular candidiasis cases were (P<0.28)


1.  Wilson N, et al. Journal of Antimicrobial Stewardship, 2017


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