Rigshospitalet, Denmark

T2Candida data published in 2019 from a high risk ICU population at Righospitalet in Denmark found “T2Candida was superior to blood culture and mannan antigen and may improve diagnosis.”

The study found 10/11 T2Candida positives were supported by culture isolates. The authors point out that T2Candida performance may be even better but bias is introduced by the imperfect gold standard.

The paper shows T2Candida positivity for an average of 3 days longer than blood culture. The authors discuss how T2Candida may be able to support stewardship efforts because resolution of symptoms and T2Candida negativity may be able to reduce the appropriate duration of therapy to shorter than standard 14 days.

Read the poster presented at ASM Microbe (2016) in Boston, MA, by investigators from Statens Serum Institut.