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Located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, UPMC is an over 8,000 bed, a not-for-profit health system that includes 40 hospitals.

Why T2?

“The results from the T2Bacteria pivotal clinical trial were impressive, demonstrating excellent performance and advantages over blood culture,” said Minh-Hong Nguyen, MD, director, Antimicrobial Management Program and director, Transplant Infectious Diseases, UPMC. “T2Bacteria’s detection of bloodstream infections and fast species identification at high sensitivity will expedite life-saving interventions such as the targeting of therapy within hours of blood draw.” 1

“I was pleased to see that T2Candida has become a standard during any discussion regarding rapid diagnostics and antimicrobial stewardship,” said Dr. Clancy. “I believe that the hospitals using it are seeing strong value for their patients as well as better management of the drugs that lead to high resistance and costs.” 2

MICU pilot program

Led to 47% reduction in antifungal expenditure; Median days of therapy pre-intervention vs. post-intervention: 26 days vs. 15.5 days (p=0.005)

T2Bacteria Covers 71% of Gram-negative bacteria at hospital presentation and detects >50% of all BSI


1. Nguyen, MH, T2 Biosystems Press Release, 2018
2. Clancy, N, T2 Biosystems Press Release, 2017
3. Shields R, et al. Poster Presentation, IDWeek, 2018


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