Pulmonary Edema and Suspected Pneumonia

Patient had a history of multiple myeloma, prostate cancer and CHF.


This case highlights not only T2Bacteria’s benefit of rapid identification but also the ability to detect the causative organism in the presence of antibiotics as this patient had received the dose of vancomycin before the T2Bacteria was drawn.


Utilizing a Negative T2Bacteria Result

81 year old female admitted with a one-day history of fever, rigors, weakness, and confusion. Blood and urine cultures were ordered as well as IV antibiotics.

Discussion/Decision Making Based on T2Bacteria Result 

At this point in time, the hospital has not adopted T2Bacteria, however, another hospital in their system has. Given the high likelihood that the repeat BCx would be negative, they were asked to draw a blood sample on the day the patient was ready for discharge and send it to the institution that currently utilized the T2Bacteria Panel.


Candida parapsilosis bloodstream infection1

The T2Candida Panel was used to assess for the presence of disease and continuation of antifungal therapy, despite negative blood cultures.


Rapid molecular diagnostics such as T2MR technology may help with prognosis of invasive candidiasis. For our case, the T2Candida Panel was utilized upon follow up to assess clearance of candidemia along with clinical symptoms.


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  • According to the CDC, of the 154 million prescriptions for antibiotics written in doctors' offices and emergency departments each year, 30% are unnecessary.12

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